Vodka Monopolowa – Short Potato

Vodka Monopolowa – Short Potato

Austria has a long and eventful history. But it’s a little surprising that it has to do with Vodka as well. On our latest trip to the country of the Alps, we came across an interesting ‘short’ representative of the Vodka club, our opinion on which we do not want to keep from the interested public – despite our general skepticism towards this format of drinks.

Big Tradition – KuK Court Vendor

The origins of the Altvater Gessler – J.A. Baczewski Gesellschaft are traceable all the way back to the 17th century. After founding multiple company branches in different places within the Habsburg realm, they were eventually announced KuK court vendor. Until the end of the monarchy after World War I, several rewards were achieved, and after World War II, activities were resumed in Vienna. Nowadays they make a wide range of products, but most of all Gin and Vodka.

Decent Quality

Monopolowa is made from potatoes, which is not immediately noticeable in the taste, though. We’re looking at a very smooth and harmonic Vodka, which is a surprise especially looking at the shape of the bottle; drinks that come in small format bottles are not normally known for flavor in particular. Monopolowa, however, represents a pleasant exception in this respect and one that you should not miss out on if you have the opportunity.