Stock Prestige – World Standard

Stock Prestige – World Standard

Yes, Plan A Vodkas do exist. Today’s test  candidate with Polish roots listens to the name Stock Prestige. It’s made by Stock Spirits plc and thus comes from the same stables as for instance Zoladkowa Gorzka. Stock mostly works the markets in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Italy. But Stock Prestige can also be found in Germany.


Polish Roots

As said before, the roots of Stock Prestige are in Poland. But we’re not dealing with a typical Polish Vodka here, which is already suggested by the rather cosmopolitan exterior. This Vodka, which is being produced since 2009, does not want to resurrect the great tradition or radiate particular character, but rather wants to make a clear statement towards cosmopolitism with a hint of premium in the air.

International Result

If you try the content of the bottle you will realize immediately that Stock, first and foremost, is a very neutral and high quality Vodka. Its neutral character, however, suggests it to be used primarily for cocktails, so you should not expect any amazing flavor experiences. Considering the fair price of around 10 Euros, it should be regarded as an alternative to Smirnoff and other Russian Vodkas with very neutral characters. So if you’re after a Vodka for mixing, help yourself and you’ll get quality for fair money.