Pure Green Organic Vodka – Organic Swede

Pure Green Organic Vodka – Organic Swede

Sweden has a very rich Vodka tradition; you could say the country is among the secret Vodka champions. Even though alcohol and spirits are generally expensive in Scandinavia, lots of it is being produced. We all know Absolut, Purity and other Vodkas. A little less known, however, is Pure Green Organic Vodka, which we would like to test and introduce today.

Green_2 (1)Pure on the Outside

The bottle’s design leaves no doubt about the fact that this is supposed to be a premium product. After all, Pure Green Organic Vodka is one of the more and more frequently produced organic Vodkas, the base for which is French winter wheat from the Cognac region that is distilled six times and mixed with spring water in Stockholm.

Tasty on the Inside

And the content keeps the exterior’s promise. This is a very smooth Vodka that’s especially suitable for cocktails. Sure enough you need to be willing to spend close to 40 Euros for the bottle, which pushes Pure Green rather far into the premium corner. On the other hand, this Vodka is something special that you don’t find every day and that keeps its promise at the end of the day. We’re giving this one four stars, while a little more sophistication in appearance and character would have been good for a fifth.

Green_3 (1)