Level – Absolutely More

Level – Absolutely More

Absolut Vodka is one of the best selling Vodka brand in the world. What’s impresses us most about it is the fantastic marketing and the amazing variety of the editions in which Absolute can be found around the globe. Quality wise, however, the Swedish wheat Vodka leaves some room for improvement. And this is where Level comes in.


Step in the Ring

Level is being produced in Ahus, Sweden since 2004. Initially, its main opponent was supposed to be the luxury Vodka Grey Goose. The mission is: To use the spirit of Absolut, refine it, and make a higher level product. And in the face of Absolut’s popularity, that sounds quite promising.

A Little More

And indeed, the mission is successful at the core. The bottle’s minimalist design is a pleaser. The content convinces us with a skillful mix of smoothness and character. This Vodka will serve you well as a shot and in a cocktail glass. So – all god, right? There is a little bit of a problem: The undeniable connection between Level and Absolut – especially in taste – is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you feel right at home immediately. On the other, Level is just not quite capable of creating that exclusive flavor experience that would make it skyrocket to the top of the world of Vodka. This is a very good Vodka that anybody should absolutely try some time. But it’s not made for conquering the world of luxury.