Ostoya Vodka – Nice Picture

Ostoya Vodka – Nice Picture

Who on earth knows how many different Vodkas there actually are in Poland? We always think of Russia as the home of Vodka, but really it’s not certain where the spirit originated. And so there are various tradition nowadays, each of which have a more or less legitimate claim to the title ‘Home of Vodka’. Ostoya Wodka is made by Wyborowa, or also Pernod Ricard.


Pretty Exterior

The first thing we notice is the pretty bottle made from cloudy glass with extensive ornaments. Ostoya definitely has the appearance of a premium Vodka – but without exaggerating. This Vodka was only introduced to the market in 2015 and is primarily available in Poland itself, where its difference in comparison with other Vodkas is mainly the fact that its alcohol is not produced on a rye but a wheat base.

Unconventional Interior

This wheat comes from the Bieszczady region (which explains the design on the bottle …) and is processed in the Pernod Ricard factory in Zielona Gora. So flavor wise, Ostoya is probably something very special. And indeed: This Vodka can’t be put into a box that easily. We are surprised at the fact that it has a good amount of character for a wheat Vodka, in fact it almost tastes like a rye Vodka. This is a spirit for individualists who are looking for something special and want to go all out off the beaten path.