Esbjaerg Vodka – Danish in Dutch

Esbjaerg Vodka – Danish in Dutch

Esbjaerg Vodka is originally from Denmark, where the recipe used for this Vodka was apparently valued by Danish and Icelandic fishermen. Nowadays it can be found mostly in the Netherlands, where it is produced by theBoomsma Distilleerderij BV in Leeuwarden.

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No-Frills Exterior

As is so typical for the North, the bottle’s exterior is reduced to the basics. The motto is: Not too little, but definitely not too much. The drink’s Danish reference is also visible at first sight. This little ice water is made from wheat and treated with active coal filters before it makes its way to the consumer. All this already suggests the image of a very round and mild flavor experience. If you’re looking for rough edges it seems like you’ll have to help yourself to other representatives on the Vodka shelf.

Clear Little Water

Now about the content: This Vodka is clearly intended to be mixed with other drinks. The taste is absolutely clear and mild, even harmless. The producer obviously does not care about developing any notes with a lot of character and thus make Esbjaerg stand out from competition in any way. So if you’re after a Vodka for cocktails and typically like to grab Smirnoff and the like, you can invest in this one – especially since the price is within a reasonable range.

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