Smirnoff Gold – Sweet Golden Boy

Smirnoff Gold – Sweet Golden Boy

There’s this thing about flavored Vodka. Some love it, others have their issues with it. In this test we’ve dealt with Smirnoff Gold. The Golden Boy is available in many countries and is very prominent at that.


Sparkle Sparkle

As far as appearance is concerned, there are doubts. It’s clearly all about the golden touch here, which is even part of the beverage itself in the form of little golden leaves. This conveys a certain feel of exclusivity that doesn’t reflect, however, in the reasonable 15 Euro pricing. So appearance is all go.

Smooth and Silky

Flavor wise Smirnoff Gold is interesting, since you’re not supposed to drink it chilled. This is a cinnamon Vodka liqueur that’s not overly sweet. So it’s pretty easy to get used to this Vodka that’s not really Vodka. Smirnoff Gold is also a good ingredient for mixed drinks and cocktails. All in all this is an uncomplicated fellow that should be regarded as its own drink rather than Vodka.