Russian Standard – Mild Maturity

Russian Standard – Mild Maturity

Russian Standard? Vodka? Alright then! A true classic is put to the test. Russian Standard is such a solid part of the world of Vodka like Absolut, Stolichnaya, Smirnoff, Eristoff, or Wyborowa. Who is first in line with this is lastly up to personal taste and preferences. But what is the standard Russian all about?


Classic Approach

Russian Standard has been in production since 1998. The brand goes back to the initative of Rustam Tariko, who wanted to make a strong quality premium Vodka for the masses from Saint Petersburg. That means Russian wheat, clear water, and an elaborate filtration process. The production and especially refinement process is traced back to the chemist Dimitrij Mendelejew, who is said to have found the perfect ratio of alcohol and water at the end of the 19th century.

Very Solid Result

The result in the bottle really makes you understand the latter. While Russian Standard has more character than the soft Smirnoff, at the same time it’s more harmonic than Absolut or Eristoff. It’s no wonder that this brand is one of the classics of the world of Vodka today, with it being harmonic and full of character at the same time. The Platinum Edition that’s displayed here has a very particular purity and mildness, which is due to a special filtration process. It can often be found quite affordable at airports and in other Duty-Free Shops. If you have a chance, you should close the deal on this one.