Kauffmann Vodka – The “Soft” Drink

Kauffmann Vodka – The “Soft” Drink

Some don’t take long to make a memory. Kauffmann Vodka is one of those. Once you’ve seen the bottle, you won’t be able to get this Russian ultra premium Vodka off your mind. The brand has been around since the year 2000 and was founded by Dr. Mark Kauffmann, who is said to have gathered experience in wine retail before.


Stylish, Pragmatic Exterior

The Kauffmann bottle stands out and is always welcome everywhere. It’s glamorous on one hand and its own kind of minimalistic on the other and fully convinces with its design. Kauffmanns exclusivity is underlined by the fact that only 10,000 bottles are made every year. It does not get much more special than that, and all of the above sparks our curiosity for the bottle’s content.

 Special Content

This special wheat Vodka is made in Moscow. One of its special features is that Kauffmann, similar to wine, is produced in vintages and the wheat that’s used always comes from the same source. This gives the finished product a special note. Basically, this is a very smooth and clear wheat Vodka that fulfills demands for high quality. It can be consumed neat as a shot or mixed nicely, even though considering the price it’s almost too nice for the latter. All in all this is a very special and excellent thing with only two soft spots: Firstly, the price is very high (depending on the retailer), and secondly we can’t help but wonder if a clear wheat Vodka is really still the ultimate thing in 2016. We would have liked an interpretation of the theme with a little more character.