Absolut 100 – The Daredevil

Absolut 100 – The Daredevil

Absolut Vodka is a brand with phenomenal marketing, which may also be due to the fact that it’s part of the French enterprise Pernod Ricard – one of the largest spirit producers worldwide. It’s an enormous variety that has been developing over the years that enticed us to go ahead and test ourselves through the different distillates of this brand in order to endeavor its excess value.



Absolut 100 is mostly found at Duty Free stored in airports. A liter is about 25 Euros. You’ll get a fancy black bottle with a reflective print on it. This Vodka presents itself very classy and distinguishes itself clearly from the basic Vodka. But is that also valid for the contents of the bottle?

Tons of Character, but Watch Out

No fundamental changes to the basic ingredients; 100 is also a wheat Vodka produced in Ahus, Sweden. The winter wheat is processed as purely as possible and the result is pretty smooth, but watch out whilst enjoying, since the 50% (100-proof) alcohol content packs a punch. As is the case with similar products of such high alcohol content, this experience is a special one – but also very intense. We recommend this Vodka to be enjoyed neat and in moderation. If you want to mix it, you should use simple recipes that will not veil the Vodka too much. As a conclusion it is refreshing to see that such a big brand manages to offer Vodkas with personality, which is why it’s a pleasure to give four stars to this fancy Swede.